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Hye peeps. The name's wawa. sweet pretty 17 this year. Yeah wild , young and free. im now finding the right path for my life . Reading my blog is a huge mistake guys.So keep it secret (:

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No Harsh words allowed here.
don't ever judge my blog if your blog is better than mine.

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Friendship is like a precious flower. Ready to bloom every hour. it may stop growing or keep on flowering but one thing for sure , you'll still have it forever :)

Put your hands up people !

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ayish saya (:

haa,, feelin sooo tired 2day,, g umaa ayish,,, (aisya sofiya),,,, ingt na study but,, hampeh ! gossip lbeh,,, da la na exam niey,, smpai je umaa die,,, mama ayish: kak lang, ajk kwn mkn !
urm,, t'senyum leba sye dbuatnye,,, hehe,,, mama die msk sdap woo~ ptg 2,,, kterang gyleh2 study,,,,,,, alhamdulillah,,, topik sains yg aq ta phm,,, aq da phm dah,,, ni sume bb ayish da aja aque,,,! thnax ayish ! tbe2,, kterang b'latih choral plak,, ye la,, aq kan ms0k choral speaking,,,,
mcm2 p'kataan klua drpd mul0t kterang,,,, c0ntohnye,,, ayish : wawa, can u please slow down the music ? wawa: sure, why not ? tbe2, mama ayish plak, "girls ! tea time !" t'cengang kterang sktike,, but,, dok umaa ayish mmg kenyang gyleh,, haha,,, ptg uhh,, ayh aq plak smpai,,,
sob2,,, x pe,, t jmpe agy,, heheh,,, THANX 2 AYISH & MAMA DIE ! DoOdLe (: