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Hye peeps. The name's wawa. sweet pretty 17 this year. Yeah wild , young and free. im now finding the right path for my life . Reading my blog is a huge mistake guys.So keep it secret (:

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Friendship is like a precious flower. Ready to bloom every hour. it may stop growing or keep on flowering but one thing for sure , you'll still have it forever :)

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my super awesome birthday party :D

Hye gais . Assalamualaikumm . its me again ! yeay yeay ! *claps claps . its 1 june everybodehhh . lets partehhhh ! hahaha . okay back to the MAIN topic please . like that picture ?  like it ? like it ? ohhh , say yes . YES ! hihi , this picture was taken on 30 May 2013 where my super awesome friends had made a suprise birthday party for me . yes , me ! me ! but actually , my real birthday is on 8 june okay . take note babyy . 8 june . i wanna to tell aaaalllll offff youhhhh about how my  bubu little friends did a prank on me . starring .... jeng jeng jeng











K . those were the people who acted soooo fantastic bebehh . *TUKAR B.MELAYU.  macam ni , masa hari khamis tu , kitorang plan nak hangout at aieon seremban 2 and i've went there with cino (hafizah rosli) and aimie . everything look normal . seriouslyyy . i was soooo stupid that aku tk perasan langsung yg diorang semua tengah acting masa tu . so , sampai je KTM Seremban , the twins ( fathiyah and fathihah ) had already waiting for us there . then , tak lama lepas tu , nisya pulak datang . And , bila satu geng dah complete , we took of to aieon s2 . wehooooo . dekat aieon , intan and syairah aimi came . then , we ate McDonald ! yeay ! we love McDonald :D 

then ! kitorang main bowling . this is the part where their acting had started . while i was leka sangat main boling *wuu , cause i am so tererr in this game . haha perasan !* the twins , cino (hafizah) , and intan had senyap-ii ran away from me, aimie , nisya , syairah aimi , ali and azwa . well , of course lahh aimie , nisya , syairah aimie , ali and azwa knew where diorang semua tu nak pergi . except for me ! i thought that diorang blahh macam tu je and wanted me to go back home alone ! i repeat , ALONE . erghh , then i was like so menirap masa tu  -,- 

tetiba pulak azwa told me yang KONONNYA intan dah balik rumah . then i was like " what ? apa ni main tinggal tinggal ? tak cakap ape ape punnn ". syairah aimie pulak told me that cino ( hafizah ) had already went home and the twins had go to TIMES SQUARE . hahaha . i was so angry mann . mana taknya kan ? tengah sesama main boling then suddenly diorang blah mcm tu je without saying a word then tahu-ii je diorang semua had already went back home -,- erghh . without further ado , aku apa lagi . gelabahlahh . ahh GELABAH !  wanna know something ? aku pusing 1 aieon tu carik diorang . the worst part was , my kaki melecet . because of ? yeahh , jalan satu aieon tu looking for people who , who.... ahh malas nak cakap . hahaha

then , aimie , syairah aimie , ali and azwa said "wehh , jom balik lahh . diorang pun dah tkde ." So i just get along with their plan . Ali and azwa rode their motorcycle while the rest of us took a cab . the moment when kitorang dah sampai dekat taxi , nisya said "weh , jom pegi citypark jap . teman aku , ada membe nak jumpa" and i was like "kawan kau kan ? pergi jumpa sensorang tak boleh?" *haha marah sangat masa tu . but at last , aku ikut jugak diorang pergi citypark . 

yeahh , citypark . the place where all of them had gathered . sampai je citypark , i was shocked to see all of them . the twins , cino (hafizah) and intan were already there . Ali and azwa sampai sama waktu dengan kitorang . but seriously , masa tu aku tak terfikir pun yang diorang nak buat suprise for me . yeahh me ! aku rasa nak marah je diorang masa tu because leaving without a goodbye -,- . then i heard this . "Happy birthday to you , happy birthday to you , happy bithday to wawa , happy birthday to you . " oh maigaddddd . that time i was terlopong and even a cat can got into my mouth . they were all wearing masks and those cute party hats . and they bought Big Apple too . ahh , i could not spoke a word and i was speechless . " thank you gais , you gais make such good acting . i appreciate it . so much"  we enjoyed taking photos at citypark which is one of the most beautiful park in seremban . wanna see ? here it is 

that's all from now peeps . thanks for reading . gedbye :)